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    Hello from Game Changer Trap Beats  

    Game Changer Trap Beats website homepage welcomes you. On this website you will find all the trap beats you will need to succeed. Also, you can find type beats here in the style of your favorite rappers. Game Changer Beats made every beat on this site personally. Even so, I am not against doing collaboration tracks with other producers. Producers interested in collaborations can email me at

    Original Trap Beats and Type Beats

    There are no sample beats on this site, so there is no need for clearance of anything. So, feel free to listen to all the tracks as many times as you like before you make a purchase. In fact, stay a while and check out all the beats. I also have trap beat blogs and type beat blogs to read; as well as YouTube videos for you to watch. Look at the navigation menu at the top of the page to get to the other pages. Furthermore, I have created some R&B Instrumentals that will be released soon. The trap beats and type beats that are on this site are industry quality. You can get a record deal off these beats.

    GameChangerBeats Services

    The trap beats and type beats are available in several options. Non-Exclusive MP3 leases are sold for 20 dollars. Premium Leases are in wave format, and they sell for 50 dollars. Instrumental Beats that are tracked out into individual tracks sell for 100 dollars. Finally, Unlimited Track Outs sell for 300 dollars. Artists interested in purchasing Exclusive Beats must contact Game Changer Beats for pricing. Finally, free tagged downloads are next to some of the beats. These free downloads are for listening and writing only.

    Game Changer Beats also offers mixing and mastering services. Interested parties for these services need to contact me with the email listed above. Lastly, I have social media account icons located at the top and bottom of the page. Feel free to hit me up on any of my social media sites that you want to link to.


    I look forward to connecting with you, and helping you achieve your dreams. My dreams come true every time you visit me and enjoy the trap beats, type beats, rap beats, and trap instrumentals I produce. I love to see the creativity that comes out of artists that rap to my beats. Have a Blessed Day and Thank You.


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