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Origin of Trap Beats

Welcome to the Trap

Music evolves with every passing decade and transforms into something almost unrecognizable in comparison to the music of the past. New trends come forth bringing with them immense possibilities that lay grounds for the emergence of entirely new genres. In the last decade Trap Beats have emerged as the new prototype of beats. Many Hip Hop and Rap producers have adapted their styles to start making these trap type beats.

Remaining true to its place of origin, trap beats are a growing hip hop sub genre. In the trap genre artists reference the thug life in certain downtrodden cities. Rappers pay homage to the trails and tribulations of the ghetto lifestyle they live in or grew up in. Trap beats are a mixture of instruments that include 808 drum kits, synthesizers, orchestra hits, and most importantly the 808 bass.

The theme of trap music is about street life, reminiscing of drug dealing and making money in the trap. Pioneers of trap music such as T.I.Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy are some of the familiar artist who started this trend. Likewise, the producers who are know for spearheading this style of beats are Shawty Redd, D.J. Toomp, and Zaytoven.

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The State of Current Trap Beats

Having carved its niche in the past decade, the youth are fixated on these trap type beats. Every producer, whether emerging or otherwise are now creating these types of beats with dark melodies with deep undertones. Rappers are writing lyrics with dark subject matters to go with the dark melodies of these trap beats. Mumble Rappers like Future, Migos, and Young Thug are the new wave of artists contributing to the modern trap sound.

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Recently, producers have started blending in electronic dance music a.k.a. E.D.M. to the trap beats. This new blend of trap has lit a wave of interest in the new generation of trap music lovers. With attention being garnered from producers and patrons alike this new school of trap is creating its own niche. Although, these new trap beats are quite different from the former trap music. The new trap beats are a mixture of other genres that make the beats hypnotic and addictive to listen to. There is no telling where this new trap sound is going, and what it will evolve into next.

Show Me the Money

There is a multitude of profit associated with this industry as it is quite popular these days among the public. As more beat selling websites go up, more people are made aware of this trend. More money is being invested in this trend to keep it steady and growing. Using miscellaneous platforms, hype is being generated and many of the artists are using these to promote their art. YouTube is widely used to broadcast and market a newly released trap beat. Within minutes the views ratchet up to thousands, especially with the more popular producers. One simply has to enter the phrase ‘trap type beats’, or “trap beats“, and numerous hits are returned to choose from.

Beat Stars for Trap Beats

Similarly, producers are now selling their beats through a variety of websites. Beat Stars is one such website, well-known as a social music marketplace meant for producers and musicians alike. Rappers can publicize their content, collaborate with like minded producers, and divide the profits among all involved. It is a clean method for songwriters to distribute their beats, especially for new artists trying to carve their way into the industry.

Other Platforms for Trap Beats

Other beat hosting portals include Sound Click, which allows both signed and unsigned bands to release their music. Sound Click also makes these beats downloadable to the users. Sound Cloud is another popular choice, not only for musicians but also for the audience. Members learn about new beats from their favorite artists, and free browsing of the beats. These websites are an open source to look up any Jeezy, T.I., Gucci Mane, Future, or Migos type beats. Anyone can look up trap type beats on all these platforms.


Many hip hop and rap industry insiders have said that this trend of trap music would die off. This style of trap beats has been going for nearly two decades, and it is still growing and evolving. Even on the East Coast where the style has predominately been hip hop since it started, the trap beats trend has grabbed their attention too. This style of beats doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Haters of this form of music should pay attention to its popularity and make their own niche in  this genre. Game Changer Beats wrote this blog article.

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