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 Type Beats Trend

Type Beats Popularity 

The Type Beats Trend came around many years ago. This trend was started on Sound Click, and it is still going strong on YouTube. Producers and Beat Makers title their beats, ” (Insert Hottest Rapper Here) Type Beat ” and they use this technique to promote and market their instrumentals. This trend has been thriving for years and it hasn’t lost any momentum. If anything, this technique is building in popularity as time goes on. Up and coming rap artist can just plug in “(Their Favorite Rapper) Type Beat“, and find a plethora of options to choose from.

Pros and Cons

Pros of using this type beats template are undeniable. Producers receive increased exposure when they label their beats with this technique. You receive higher YouTube rankings when the right keyword is used for this style. Sales are achieved by using this method because it is the most searched type of beat.

Cons of this trend would be: getting called a band wagon rider, being labeled a copy cat, thought of as unoriginal, or just being called a follower. This is a decision that the producer would have to weigh out, but in the long run the money and notoriety gained from the trend will probably out weigh the cons.

Popular Type Beats

The Migos, Future21 Savage, Drake, and Young Thug Type Beats are currently the most searched. There are over 100,000 Future Type Beats out right now. These rapper beats are dominating YouTube searches.  Of course, Trap and Rap Type Beats have been, and will continue to be popular. Trap beats are not tied to a specific artist, therefore they stay in fashion. Even when the ” (Insert Hottest Rapper) Type Beats ” go out of fashion, these will still be trending. 

Drake Picture Type Beats Trend

Future Picture Type Beats Trend

Travis Scott Picture Type Beats Trend


Whether or not you create type beats is up to you. However, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So, You can make the choice to hop on the train, or stay in your lane. The facts are undeniable as to where the money and exposure are going to. A producer can continue to do their own style for as long as they want to. On the other hand, they can try this method and see if it works.

Final Thoughts

Proven results come from using the type beats method. The choice is ultimately up to the individual, and there are pros and cons for each decision. Do you care about getting a lot of views and plays? Is your focus solely on staying original, and just doing what is true to your style? Do you just do this music for fun/hobby? Is making money your goal? Do you really care what people think about you? Finally, make sure that you choose wisely or miss out on doing what makes you happy. Game Changer Beats wrote this blog article.

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